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Warm-Up Games

To avoid injury, you should warm up in the morning and after lunch. Especially if you ride in a group, this can be carried out in a casual style with a warm-up game. It could be difficult to animate children for an warm-up, so here a few games that are especial for kids intressting. Also, try to stretch and loosen up for a few minutes after the game. Wrists, shoulders and legs should be given special consideration. Please pay attention that it just can not be too highly stressed for children. The thin air in mountains can they can bring quickly to their limits.

Boarder Cross and Skier Cross

At the boardercross, the group stands in a circle and have to transpose different announcement boardercross typical commands. The exercise is performed without snowboard and the commands come from one person.The following commands with the appropriate actions can be carried out.

All count down 3 ... 2 .... 1: Participants catapult from the imaginary starting block
Downhill position: All go deep into Squat
Curve left: The group left running around in circles
Curve right: The group runs right around the circle
Drive with contact: The group goes to the center of the circle pushing each other a little bit
groundwave: participants simulate a groundwave with an up and down movement from the legs
These commands can be performed repeatedly and in any order.

To finish, you can use these commands.
Finish-Jump : A particularly high jump
winnerspose: A super cool pose after crossing the finish line
Celebrate Victory: give an high-five to the other participants

elephant washing

At the elephant washing, the group stands in a circle and all must imagine that in the middle of the circle and a huge dirty elephant stands, that must be urgently washed. The following commands or actions can be carried out. 
Wash the back: high jump and try to come back to the high
Wash the posterior ears folded forward and to wash behind the ears
Wash the legs: Kneeling and durchfürhen wash motion
Washing the stomach: lie on your back to get to the belly

throwing with stand still

For this game is a throwing object is required. This may can be a small ball, a glove, a packet of tissues or something similar. Now you have to form two teams. By an neutral person of the balt is thrown up and tried to catch by participants. One who has caught the ball, then he can not move from that spot. He needs to throw the ball out of this state to one of his teammates. His teammates have to free run that he  can catch the ball. The aim is that a team has to make 5 or 10 ball contacts one after the other. If the ball goes to the other team lost, this now has the chance to reach the required number of ball contacts.


In this exercise, the group stands in a circle and each participant stretched hands with closed eyes to the center of the circle. Then, each participant takes the hand of another participant. Importantly, the left and right hand must be grabbed to a different person. The result is a rotation of the hands and then everybody must trie to resolve it. The contact between the hands may never be solved. Then people usually have to climb Convention vein or under another creep forth. At best available resolution to this human knot is that all participants holding hands in a big circle.

Relay race with snowboard

In this game, it's about to perform a relay race. Two groups must be formed and a flat slope must be available. The participants have only the front foot in the binding. They must push up the board the slope and turn at a turning point, and then sliding down the slope again (with the back foot between the bindings). After the return to the squad they be clapped on to the next participant, so the next can push up the mountain. The group in which all participants have completed this course has then won. This game warm-up should be carried out with only one with advanced snowboarders there that must be slipping with only one foot in the binding already mastered.


breakdance thegroup stands in a circle and have to create a rhythm by clapping. As a melody as catchy rhythms particularly suitable as We will Rock you. If everybody clap the rhythm, each participant has to perform in the middle of the circle a breakdance move. This can be handstands, spinning, dance steps, somersaults or something like that.