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summer alternatives 

Every winter comes to and end, but in the summer there are ways to keep snowboard-specific fit. Basically helps every endurance or strength training to maintain fitness over the summer. In the following a few sports will be displayed, which have similar requirements as snowboarding.

Free Boarding

At free boarding you can ride with an board, where are 6 rolls are mounted on. This allwos that you can ride like a snowboard on the street.  Similar to snowboarding, it is possible to drift and crave with this board. 

Video for this sport you find here.

Tramp boarding 

At boarding tramp is jumping with a board on a trampoline. At this it is possible to try very simple tricks and grabs because you can make many jumps in a short perios of time.

Here are some impressions of the sport.

Longboard and Skateboard 

The classic balance for snowboarding is the long or skateboarding. In skateboarding you can make tricks with  shorter boards like. Longboarding divided into cruising, Craven and races.

Wake and kiteboarding 

Wakeboarding is drawn from either a lift or boat across the water. At this function is performed by a kite stunt kite. It is also possible to perform this sport with a longboard in the country.


Slacklining is very helpful for the coordination of snowboarding. It is thus possible to train its concentration, balance and equilibrium.

Here a video for this sport.

Indoor skiing and glacier 

Depending on where you live you can also go in the summer to snowboarding. Indoor ski slopes are now quite common. In addition, there are also year-round ski resorts that have run their lifts in summer.