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To find at Snowboarding the right foot position is mostly dependent on personal preference. Every experienced snowboarder had found the optimal position for him by try outs. Basically you should not be afraid to keep trying with discomfort and optimize it. Incorrect settings could cause foot, knee or hip pain.

Regular or Goofy

The term Regular and Goofy indicates which leg you stand on the board forward. Is it the left leg, then you are a regular driver. When the right leg is forward you are a Goofy driver. How do you know which side you preferr, is a tricky question. It is advantageous if one can already estimate of skateboarding and other board sports, whether you prefer Regular or Goofy . Are you on a skateboard Regular, then you should also try snowboardind with Regular Fit. When you realize on the pist that you prefer the other side more, then it is recommended to fit the board for the other side. An experienced snowboard instructor should recognize this and help you with the right attitude.

ragulat or goofy


Duckstance is when the binding is adjusted so that the toes point away from each other. This is very popular with freestyle. Advantageously, the switch during driving. In addition, this setting comes closest to the natural foot position. 


Usual angles are. 
+15 -15 
+13 -3 
+18 -5

Forward Stance

At forward stance both toes are pointed towards the direction of travel. The front foot is usually there made ​​a little steeper than the rear.  Current angle, for example.   

+18 +3 
+21 +10

forward stance


The stance indicates how large the gap is between your two feet. When you have a wide stance, the two feet are further apart. Beginners should choose a stance slightly wider than shoulder's width.