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base repair

For large damages of the base these must be repaired with the help of repair candles. Repair candles are plastic sticks which burn and let the platic drop to damage area. The best just drop only so much on the damaged area is just covered. After cooling, the excess plastic now has to be filed / sanded off.

edge grinding

edge angle

To grind the edge optimally you must chose the right angle and have the right tools available.  Basically, there are two angles in the edge which you have to consider. 

1. the angle from the base to the base side edge (hanging). Painful tilting can be prevented with this small angle. This Angel should be between 0.5 ° and 1 °.

2. the angle from the base to the side edge. This should be set 87-89 degrees.

snowboard edge angles

hanging of the edge

A small angle should be mounted on the base side edge. This is usually done with a file. A special file holder gives for that the angle that you want. The cheaper alternative is when you wrap around the end of the file a paperboard or something similar. This also creates a small angle with them you can prepare the edge. This is obviously inaccurate but for most applications sufficient.

hanging on snowboard edge

Grinding of the side edge

For grinding the side edge you can also use angle file holder or special edgegrinder. In the application to the file holder addition a mounting clamp will be required, which is used for fixing. Important in judging the side edge is that it is filed at the full wide.

file bracket snowboard edge

gride edge snowboard

Waxing with iron 

Basically, there are several ways to wax a snowboard. You can use spray waxes, wax or polish or for reaming. The best long-term best effect is obtained when you use hot waxing but with a special wax iron.  

remove wax 

Before new wax can be applied to the surface, the remains of the old wax must be removed. This can be done with a spray-on'' Wax Remover.'' For this, the remover must be evenly distributed on the surface. After a contact time of 10 minutes remains the remover have to remove with a cloth. After the complete removal you can clearly see that the surface is more bluffy. Now we can start with the waxing.  Alternatively, the old wax can be brushed away.

wax choice 

Normally, the wax is divided into different temperature ranges. Blue is thus for cold, red for medium and yellow for warmer temperatures. 

blue wax -20 ° to -10 
Red Wax - 12 to +2 
yellow wax -2 to +10

applying wax 

Before the hot-waxing the binding should be unscrewed from the board. The reason is that the high temperature stresses the bond between screw and the threaded insert on the Board. At worst, the threaded insert could be torn from the'' Board''. For waxing a special iron is needed, which should be available in every snowboard and ski shop. Household irons are not usefull to be used for waxing, because they can not keep exactly the set temperature. These temperature fluctuations could cause burns in the lining. The optimum temperature for the growth ist between 125-130 degrees.   

First, you should now dripped wax on the surface. If enough wax is present, it can be waxed in one area. It is important that each region of the snowboard is being processed sufficiently long with the iron. A small area of about 25 cm length must be as long as wax, can sense the heat of the iron and on the other side of the board. Nevertheless, it is important never to stay too long in exactly the same place with the iron.

wax snowboard

After waxing the total board it have to cool down now. This usually takes 50-60 minutes.  In this state, the board is actually perfectly suited for summer storage in the basement. The excess wax coating keeps the fresh and the edges are also protected by the wax so that it can not rust. The following steps should be performed only before the start of next season. If winter should not be over, now the excess wax must be  scraped off and the base must still be brushed.

Scrape the waste wax

To remove the excess wax on the surface a scraper is required. With this blade the excess wax can be scraped off. Typically, these scrapers have a recess, with that the edge can be exposed.

edge scraper

brush off the base

For finishing the base should be brush off. Thus, the ingrained structure of the coating is exposed again. It is important that the brushing motion is performed only in the direction of travel.