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Binding and Boots

Soft Binding 

Usually Snowboard were driven with soft-boots and soft-bindings.  The binding generally consists of two straps, the highback and base plate. The straps are designed with a ratchet mechanism with which to stretch the legs into the binding.

snowboard binding


Soft boots are very convenient and comfortable to wear in general. The stiffness of the soft boots will be held on a scale 1 to 10. This is 1 of a very soft 10 and a very stiff shoe. Softer boots are preferred from freestylers and harder boots from racers.

snowboard softboot

usual Softboot

Purchase of an new Softboot

Important when purchasing a new shoe is that you trie the boot with similar thick socks like you would wear them on the slope. Basically you should take enough time when you trying boot, to really make sure that the boot fits well. By the heat of the foot, the shoe fits better after some time at the foot shape. Prior to the purchase decision, the shoe should have been worn at least 20 minutes and be received there. Additionally, you can go by stairs and make short breaks by sitting down to simulate the snowboarding condition in a little in the shop.


 Boots tend to be bouht too large. It is often not taken into account that there are still wide and adjust better when retracting the materials in the shoe to the foot. If you put a new shoe for the first time, this should sit at the beginning a little bit too tight. Ideally, if one is bent at the knees and your toes can move more freely in this position. This however was a very slight contact with the toes should be available to the boat. Once the shoes have been driven a few days, this is often not wide by up to one-half size.

Most pressure sores disappear in a quality shoe after the first runs. Due to the occurring forces of the shoe is simply once again better adapted to the foot. To shorten break-in the shoes can also be entered at home. Merely by the heat of the boat is better adapted to the shape of the foot in the shoe then arises.  If despite all this prove that the shoe does not fit, you should not cut independently of the shoe by no means. Bruises and aching feet may be parked by smaller changes may have. At best, you go back where you bought your shoes at the shop and can advise there. Simple measures such other deposits or socks can already make a significant difference.


  Boots have only low maintenance in general. Nevertheless, some simple measures could significantly extend the life of a boat. It should be taken on it, that they will always be dried in a warm. But don't put in no case directly on the heater. The heat can result in deformation in the shoe.  Optimally, liner and outer shoe should be dried separately. In addition, it is better when thy dried in an clos drawn condition. This ensures that the stiffness in the state is long, as it was defined in the factory.

Hard Binding and Hardboots 

Nowadays rarely used is the hard boot binding or hard boots. For these compounds is required like a shoe, as it is known from skiing. For skiers who want to try snowboarding, this is an inexpensive way that you can use with an existing binding and board to try snowboarding. Race boarders who need a very stiff shoe, also rely on hard boots and hard binding. Because of the high speeds above and the forces acting there they need this extra rigidity. Race boarders also use boots which are special snowboard hard boots and no ski-boots.